If you love old Ballard but you’re looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood bar with an urban, loungy vibe, then try BalMar. The owners spent the time and energy it takes to tastefully (and thoughtfully) mix the best of both worlds.
— NW Source
We like the mix of approachability and polish.
— Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Located in the heart of Ballard at the intersection of Ballard Avenue and Market Street, the BalMar is an urban lounge for dining, cocktails and parties. Settle into our unique space for exceptional service and delicious food and drink.
The BalMar is housed in a two-story 1920s building that was originally a Ballard department store. The 4,000-square-foot space has been given a facelift, but maintains many of its original features and character, such as exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and light fixtures. A seismic retrofit added 90,000 pounds of concrete and 27,000 pounds of steel, much of which was used as architectural elements. The lounge melds old and new, with contrasting elements and styles, from repurposed church lights to custom-built red terrazzo bars; from industrial metals to soft pillows. Effort was made to use reclaimed materials as much as possible, which are incorporated into contemporary artisan touches throughout.
Low couches and movable tables and ottomans create both intimate spaces and open, communal seating options. Upstairs, the “party room” features a dance floor, more seating, huge picture windows looking out onto downtown Ballard, a second bar, and several spaces that can be reserved for private parties.

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