The Owners

Mako and co-owner Andrea Martin partnered to provide Ballard with its biggest bar yet, but also a comfortable, sustainable space that can serve as a sort of living room for the community.
— NW Source
Co-owners Andrea Martin and Steve Mako, both Ballard residents, bring complementary skills to their first venture together.
Steve practically grew up on Ballard Avenue. His father, Zoltan Mako, has owned the building for 35 years and ran an office machines store there. Rather than putting him in daycare, Steve’s parents brought him into the store each day during his early childhood, and he later worked with his dad there for 14 years. Friends used to call Steve the “mayor” of Ballard because of his enthusiastic promotion of the neighborhood where he grew up and has never left. He’s been predicting the resurgence of Ballard for more than a decade. Steve has been a general contractor for the past six years and handled the building’s makeover, utilizing the talents of many friends in the design and craftwork throughout.
Andrea has been bringing people together for social adventures for the past eight years with her event planning company. The lounge reflects her interest in creating a space for meeting, mixing, and having fun in a relaxing environment. BalMar will realize her vision of Ballard as a place to enjoy old school Seattle style prepared by a new generation of Ballard locals.
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