Should Restaurants Invest in Paging System?

Have you ever wondered why restaurant paging is becoming so common in restaurants across the globe? If you regularly visit restaurants either with your family or alone, you must have encountered a restaurant paging system at some point. This is even more common on busy nights especially when the restaurant is packed.

Initially, a handwritten list used to be the answer for most establishments, but problems kept arising. Guests could find themselves returning to the hostess station to enquire if their names have been called out or if their table is ready. Traditionally, people wait a short time, and if they are not attended to, they walk away frustrated since they feel forgotten. This may upset the staff members too because they are frequently badgered by the frustrated guests waiting to get tables including the potential customers who may never return.

A pager system for restaurants is ideal and can solve such problems. For instance, a guest call pager can be handed to the guest who is waiting as soon as they check in at a hostess station. Guests can relax at the garden area or the bar peacefully knowing that the pager will alert them once the table is ready. Research has shown that guests are happy to wait even for long hours as long as they know their host is aware and will page them when their turn comes.

A paging system is meant to make the dining experience pleasant and more efficient for both the staff and guests. Whether a restaurant is using a paging system shaped like a coaster or a pager, the guest experience improves as well as the sales.

Common types of paging systems

Customer vs. Staff Communication

Restaurants occasionally install paging systems for pushing-for-service on the guest tables. This helps in alerting the staff that a certain table needs service. It promotes efficient and prompt service for a client and a renewed sense of attention from the staff.

Host vs. Staff Communication

Pagers for restaurants can also be used to eliminate the need for the supervisor to shout to staff. A noisy restaurant will irritate or disrupt the guests dining experience.

Kitchen vs. server communication

Most restaurants extend the use of a paging system to their kitchen. This enables a kitchen staff to page a server each time the orders are ready. This improves efficiency since meals are taken to the tables quickly while still warm. This boosts the customer satisfaction levels.

A paging system is innovative, useful and a valuable tool that increases customer fulfillment, improves staff performance, and helps the restaurant to keep guests coming back for more.

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