Landlords: 3 Ways to Help Prevent Fires in Your Apartment Complex

As someone who owns an apartment complex with units that you rent out to tenants, you probably have a lot of things to worry about. In fact, you even have to worry about a fire starting and putting all of your tenants at risk, as well as costing you a lot of money in property damage. If this is something that you are concerned about in your multi-family rental, however, you should know that there are steps that you can take to help prevent it. From fire alarm systems to guidelines in your leases, there are lots of things that you can do to help keep both your tenants and your property safe from fires.

Use Fire Safe Building Materials

First of all, consider looking for fire safe building materials. For example, there are building materials that you can use to help prevent fires from spreading from one unit to the next in the event that something does happen. Installing fire stop doors and walls is a smart option to look into if you are willing to make some renovations to your property.

Invest in Good-Quality Fire Alarm Systems

If you have not invested in a fire alarm system, now is the time to do it. Fire systems that come with alarm monitoring can help keep everyone safe and can be more affordable than you might think. It’s smart to install these life safety systems in each unit as well as installing alarm systems in common areas of the building, such as the laundry room.

Install a Fire Suppression System

A fire alarm system might let you know that there is a fire and might call for help, but installing a fire suppression system is a good way to stop fires in the event that they start. A sprinkler system, for example, can help you tackle the problem right away in the event that there is a fire. This can help prevent it from getting out of control until the fire department arrives, even if it’s not able to actually put the fire out completely.

Avoid Allowing Smoking

If you have not yet thought about banning smoking inside of your units, you may want to do so. Tenants who are careless with lit cigarettes can cause fires that can put everyone at risk. Additionally, banning smoking inside the building can help you prevent cigarette burns, nicotine damage and permanent odors from infiltrating your units, so it can help you protect your investment in other ways, too. Instead, consider offering smoking areas outdoors, away from the building, where there can be less of a chance of a fire.

If you take these steps, you can gain peace of mind as a landlord and can help protect both your apartment complex and the people who live in it from fire. The Chubb Edwards website may be able to provide you with more information.

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