Would you like an easy way to raise money for your non-profit? Look no further than the BalMar to make it happen!
BalMar has a couple of fundraising formats that have helped raise thousands of dollars for local organizations. Here’s how they can work for you:
1) Your event, usually a cocktail party or reception, takes place at the BalMar on a pre-arranged date and time. Your event will have exclusive access to our upstairs, which has a capacity of 125 people, a full bar, flat screen TV for slide shows or presentations, sound system, restrooms and a dance space.
Your organization charges $10 per guest. Your staff handles the money, and your non-profit gets to keep it all! In return, your guests will receive our happy hour prices for the entire event, and a special prize (often your sponsors will donate something). If you want to charge your guests more, you can budget for a buffet through our catering menu. The room has a flexible layout, so we can move things around to suit your needs, including providing tables to display collateral about your organization.
Your guests feel like they are attending a special and fun cocktail party while your organization is making $10 per attendee. The more effectively you can promote the event and generate attendance, the more money you will make. Typically, exclusive access to our upstairs requires a room fee and minimum guarantee, but if you have a minimum of 40 people in attendance, it costs you nothing!
2) Pick a Friday or Saturday night to promote to your membership/supporters. We will provide you with a display table downstairs to set up your collateral and sell $10 wristbands to your guests and anyone else in the bar. Again, all the money from the wristband sales goes to your organization. Guests with wristbands receive our happy hour prices all night long. They feel good about making an easy donation to a good cause and saving some money on food and drink in the process. And you get exposure to people beyond your current supporters. What could be easier?