Four Ways to Make Product Packaging Better for Consumers

When products reach the consumer, the consumer wants them to be easy to open. Industrial packaging processes often focus on the ease of placing the product packaging on the item rather than on the person who will have to open it in order to use it. These four tips will help manufacturers to select packaging supplies that are affordable and easy for consumers to use.

1. Use Simple Packaging Materials

Consumers often prefer simple packaging materials such as cardboard boxes. These packaging supplies are easy for the end user to open with a pair of scissors or a file. The cardboard boxes can often be reused by the end consumer if he or she chooses. When the box has completed its task of protecting the item inside of it during transit and at a retailer, it can be recycled by the consumer. You can learn more by visiting Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

2. Reduce the Number of Types of Materials Used in the Packaging

Manufacturers should try to stick with just one or two types of materials when packaging an item. When consumers have to deal with tape, strings securing an item to a paper backing, zip ties, staples, plastic bubbles and cardboard on the back, this is a lot of material. Opening up a package like this could be time-consuming for the end user. Using fewer types of materials in an item’s packaging also makes it easier to recycle the packaging when it is taken off of the item.

3. Create Clear Labels on the Packaging

Sometimes, a consumer might not be sure of how to go about opening the packaging around the item. One way that manufacturers could make the process easier is to print instructions on the back of the packaging supplies. Labels could also be used on the industrial packaging, with information such as to remove the back panel of cardboard or the plastic bubble on the front of the item before proceeding with the removal of the other packing materials.

4. Indicate What Can Be Recycled

In most cases, consumers will try to reuse or recycle as much of a product’s packaging as they can. Manufacturers could facilitate this process by providing clear indications of what can be recycled. For example, plastics could be labeled with the type of plastic. This allows the consumer to refer to his or her community’s recycling acceptance policy and see if that type of plastic is recyclable in his or her area. The packaging could also be printed with instructions on how to separate the product packaging for efficient and effective recycling.

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