Four Handmade Wooden Gifts to Give

Wooden gifts are a wonderful gift to give friends, family members, coworkers, loved ones and the like. Wood is a beautiful material that provides a sense of grace and elegance wherever someone puts it. It is also something that people can craft hundreds of different ways to make spectacular items like wooden wine boxes. The following are four ideas for wooden gifts that you can give.

Wooden Bow Ties

Wooden bow ties are very popular items in various parts of the world. They are unique in that their foundation is made of fine wood such as oak, birch, maple, chestnut and the like. People have manufactured a vast assortment of wooden ties over the years. You can pick a formal tie, a casual tie or an outright fun tie. They even make wooden ties that light up. This would be an awesome present for your boss or one of your coworkers.

Custom Wood Gift Boxes

Custom wood gift boxes are cool because the people that you give them to can do anything with them. They can put their makeup in them, and their jewelry can fit in them. Wood boxes can also be used for items such as cigars, shot glasses, small tools and a number of other items. The sky is truly the limit with custom wood boxes. These are some of the best gifts to give people because they can adapt to any situation. The best person to get one of these gifts is a newly married couple or a person who has just moved into the neighborhood.They make amazing housewarming gifts.

Wooden Picture Cubes

Wood picture cubes are additional interesting gifts that you can give to a number of people. They are best for newlyweds, relatives who just graduated, women who just had babies or coworkers who recently got a promotion. Some wooden picture cubes have four sides for pictures and two sides for personalized engraved text. You can put a special wedding vow, a famous quote or Bible verse on the item. Customize it according to the recipient’s personality and preferences.

Golf Tees

If your boss is into golf, then you will not be able to prevent yourself from getting him a personalized set of wooden golf tees. He will absolutely love you for thinking about his love of the game and giving him such a unique gift.

You have so many options when it comes to wooden handcrafted gifts. You can even buy wooden photo albums, diaries, pet tags and so much more. Have fun choosing a variety of gorgeous wood presents for the people who mean the most to you. You can find something no matter what you budget is when you start your shopping expedition. A good source of information is the Ekan Concepts inc website, which has more insights and resources available online.

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