Common Plumbing Services in Canada

Plumbing services deal with conveying fluids that are used for different purposes. It involves using tanks, plumbing fixtures as well as valves and drains to convey different types of fluids. Some of the commonest application of plumbing services include waste removal, heating and cooling as well as potable water delivery. For any plumbing service, you will require a plumber who is a trained technician to deal with many plumbing issues. However, rather than hiring an individual to do some plumbing services for you, you should hire a reputable company.

Common plumbing services
Plumbing services are very crucial in developing nations especially regarding sanitation and public health. Common plumbing services include faucet repair and installation, main water replacement, gas, electric installation as well as tankless water heater installation. Other plumbing services include sewer ejector pumps repair, water heater flush, leak detection, toilet installation, tune-up as well as pipe replacement. Garbage disposal installation and repair, as well as sewer line installation and repair, are other common plumbing services.

History of Plumbing Services
The art of plumbing services is as old as human civilization and can be traced back to the Chinese, Indian, Persian and Roman cities. The public baths used during these times required potable water and waste removal considering that they served a large number of people. Initially, earthen pipes were used but were later replaced with lead pipes to reduce theft. Today, almost every city in Canada requires plumbing services as there are numerous sewerage treatment plants in each city. Other than galvanized iron, other materials used by the plumbing services industry include copper, aluminum, and plastic. For more information, there are additional resources available at ExpressRooter Plumbing.

Categorizing plumbing services
We mentioned earlier the types of plumbing services in Canada. These services are categorized into fuel gas services, rainwater, surface as well as subsurface services, sewerage systems that consist of septic tanks, plumbing drainage venting as well as potable hot and cold water supply. The latest plumbing service is Hydronics that involves using water to transfer thermal energy.

Equipment used in Plumbing Services
Plumbing services cannot be complete without several tools and equipment. Some of this equipment include expansion tanks, water meters, pumps as well as water softeners and control systems. Other equipment that are crucial for the plumbing services include backflow preventers, water filters, water heaters, and UV sterilization lights. On the tool part, common tools include pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, flaring pliers as well as dies and pipe vise. Soldering torches, pipe bending machines as well as crimp tools are important tools for plumbing services to be complete. Plumbing services also make use of the latest technology to detect hidden leaks. Hydro-jets together with high-pressure hydraulic pumps are also used in the detection of leaks in the sewerage system.

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