8 Home Wine Bar Ideas That Look Chic and Stylish

Just imagine, a cozy spot in your very own home to enjoy a glass (or more) of wine whether just for two, or for a larger group of friends or family. If you’re going to have a home wine bar, you might as well do it right. Consider each area of the wine bar carefully, and make it perfect. The following are nine home wine ideas for your house:

1. Bottle storage

What’s a wine bar without stock? Show off your impressive wine collection with a unique area for storing wine and liquor. Install a rack on the wall behind the bar, or set up the bar so that the countertop doubles as wine storage. Keep in mind that wine is usually stored on its side to keep it from corking, and plan accordingly.

Don’t forget to allow yourself the space you’re ultimately going to need. Try to give yourself a reasonable amount of storage space. It’s hard to know in advance how much you’ll need, but don’t short yourself – you’ll regret it later.

2. Show off the glassware

A really popular method for storing glassware is to hang it outside of the cupboards. Not only does this help save storage space, but it also makes the glasses easy to access.

3. Lighting

Put thought into the way you’re going to be using this space. You may want to install a dimmer light so that you can adjust the lighting depending on your mood. For a romantic after dinner drink between two, you may want a softer, less intrusive light. For a big party, you might prefer to make it bright to keep people going all night. Put thought into the fixtures you choose. It will be an important part of bringing the space together.

4. Seating

Bar stools are a common choice for the bar area. It allows people to all sit and stand around the counter or the island, and creates a bit of a more freestyle mood. Another idea is to implement a secondary seating area close by, with more comfortable long-term seating.

5. Be prepared

Along with all of your alcohol and glasses, you’ll also need a few necessities including a bottle opener, corkscrew, rags and hand towels, and coasters. You may also want to include a decanter, some shot glasses, and other related tools and equipment to make your experience smoother when using your wine bar.

6. Theme it

A nice way to make your wine bar stick out from the rest is to choose a theme and stick with it. There are infinite decisions when it comes to this, but matching the types of wood, the colours, and the style of the furniture, art, and other decorations, can really help bring the place together.

Wood can be used to give the area a country or rustic vibe, by roughing up the wood. It can also be used to give the space a very luxurious and rich vibe if it has been coated.

7. Get a fridge

Your quality wines deserve a quality storage container. You may not need a full-sized fridge, but a small wine fridge to store a couple of bottles at the right temperature will come in handy when you’re hosting. Wine fridges do not have to be expensive, and you can get very small ones that only hold a few bottles, or larger ones if you go through a lot of wine.

8. Cozy touches

Some other cozy touches that could really bring your wine bar to life include an area rug that matches the area’s motif, or have a fireplace. If your home does not have a fireplace already, you can purchase an artificial one instead.

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