8 Factors To Consider When Buying An Office Printer

When shopping for a printer you will find a huge range of these machines in the market. A wide variety of brands, with complex functions and strange names, can prove to be very overwhelming. It gets more stressful when you lack the technical knowledge to discern the best machine for you. Sometimes buying well-known brands of printers might not be the best business printers for some companies. Check the recommendations and the available customer reviews of the different brands. Still, you will need to understand some of the most important metrics that are crucial when picking the best office printer.

  1. What type of printer are you looking for?

We have only two types of home/office printers: the inkjet printer or the laser printer. You have the options of picking the color version or the mono version for the two types. The laser printers are more costly compared to the inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are more preferred for home use, but laser printers are known to offer high-quality output when lots of texts are needed. Inkjets are ideal for printing photographs.

  1. The image quality

If you will be using your printer to print images then it’s best to look at the printer that will offer you the best image quality. Color laser printers are highly recommended. This is very important for a design company. Companies that need printers just for text production, can ignore the factor of a high-quality image.

  1. The extra features and functions

If you find a printer that performs additional tasks other than printing then it will prove to be a more useful office printer. A printer that can function as an office photocopier, a scanner, and even a fax machine can be very beneficial. A multi-functional printer will reduce the cost of buying the extra machines, proper usage of space and improve office efficiency.

  1. The speed

The one factor that most companies look for in office printers is speed. People will want to spend a few seconds at the printer and therefore the printing speed is very important. A printer that can print large texts in a short time will be very useful in an office environment.

  1. The simplicity

Nobody wants to deal with a printer that is not user-friendly. There is nothing as stressful as depending on the instruction manual each time you want to use the printer. Pick a model that even the cleaner can use without facing any difficulty. Look at the customer reviews and you will not which brand has printers that are user-friendly. Don’t go through a mental torture because you are trying to print one page of a report to your boss.

  1. The capacity

What kind of documents will you be printing and in what quantities? Some printers cannot manage large volumes of printing work. They can’t handle huge amounts of printing papers either in the paper tray or the out-tray. Hence a person needs to be present to constantly refill the paper tray. This can be tiresome and time wasting for big companies. Getting business printers that have high capacity trays is more appropriate for large companies and businesses. There are printers for small business that has average capacity trays.

  1. The price

Every purchase you make, you must have a budget. A budget will help you to narrow down the selection of the office printer you want to purchase. Once you know the specifications and the requirements of the printer you want, the budget should be the last factor to take into consideration. Getting the best value for your money will be your objective when buying a printer. The price also covers the maintenance cost of the printer, don’t just focus on the buying price. Expenses like paper, ink cartridge replacement play an important role.

  1. The maintenance

Are there any after sale services offered by the company with regards to guarantee and possible proper maintenance checkups? What support will you be getting as a customer after you buy the printer? Look for companies that offer effective and free product support in cases of malfunctions or need help operating the machine. Look at the benefits with regards to the maintenance. Printers tend to have technical problems at unfortunate times and that’s why having a standby customer support will be useful.

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