7 Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Hiring a locksmith Toronto can be tricky. This is because not all states require locksmiths to be licensed, giving fake locksmiths a free run. When in an emergency – lost keys or getting locked out are some of the most emergencies requiring a locksmith – people usually go after the first locksmith who is willing to do the job.

However, it results in locksmith scams, ending in damaged locks, and loss of money. It could also be dangerous since who is this person you just invited over to your home or is coming out to where you are at since you either lost your car keys or locked them inside of your vehicle?

Choosing a locksmith shouldn’t be too hard, if you keep these simple tips in mind.

Company name

A business must always be registered under a legal name. When you come across a locksmith service, dig deeper to check where the company is registered, when it was formed, and who is at the helm. If they are unprofessional on the phone or lack basic knowledge on the phone about what they can offer you do not go any further with them.

If you find generic locksmith services on Craigslist that go by names like ‘Illinois locksmith services’ or ‘best locksmith company’, be aware of them. More often than not, they signify a scam business with no background or registration.

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Check the license

When the locksmith comes to do the job, checking the license or other proof of identification is the first thing you must do. If you live in a state where locksmiths don’t have to be licensed, you must check for other forms of identification to make sure the person is not a scam.

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Check the location

Fraud locksmiths don’t have a local shop. They simply have a call center that isn’t local, and technicians who aren’t even trained as locksmiths. When looking for a locksmith, always make sure the company has a local address that you can visit. Do not trust businesses that operate out of a garage or backyard.

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Get an estimate

Every work calls for an estimate first, even if it is emergency service. Before work begins, ask the person for an estimate. If he refuses to give an estimate, you shouldn’t get the job done, because you will very likely be overcharged and cheated.

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Ask about extra charges

Scam locksmiths always have hidden charges that are added in the final bill. When you get a phone quote or a written estimate, make sure to ask about extra charges like service call minimums and emergency hours. If you are not told about any, you should not pay a penny more than the agreed amount.

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Check the vehicle

Certified, professional locksmiths who work for a registered business usually arrive in the company vehicle. The vehicle will have the company name, logo, and address clearly marked. If the locksmith arrives in an ordinary vehicle with no name or logo of the company, then it is most likely a scam.

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Check the tools

Certified locksmiths are always well equipped. If you are locked out and the locksmith insists that the only option is to drill out the whole lock, you must exercise caution. Locksmiths have the most advanced tools that can unlock any type of door. If breaking the lock is the only option, then either the locksmith isn’t capable enough or doesn’t have the right tools for the job.

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Locksmith scams are quite prevalent, but with these clever tips, it is easy to get only the best locksmith services at Lock-Up Services Inc.

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