6 Tips for utilizing a storage unit optimally


Storage services have come of age. There are innovative technologies such as flexstand which are offering users new and safer ways to store their items. If you prefer storing your products the traditional way, you have a storage unit company at your disposal. The cost of hiring a storage unit will depend on the size, location, and the duration.  To save money, here are ways to make the most out of your storage unit using accessories from Flexstor Inc


One of the simplest ways to utilize the leased space is to use boxes. It is recommended to use medium and small boxes. Stack the boxes together to ensure space is used optimally. Take care to place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the light boxes at the top, to prevent the light boxes from being crushed. When arranging the boxes ensure that those you can easily access those boxes you will need frequently.



Label each box at the top and the side facing you. It also helps if you keep a list of what each box contains. This way you can quickly access what you may need in future. You may think you will remember where you kept your duvets but in a few months, all the boxes are going to look the same. Labels save you the trouble of having to open each box until you find what you are looking for. Another vital hack is to have a map. A map will show where each box is and will help you find those hidden boxes.

Vertical space

Most people will place items on the floor, and once the entire area is covered, they consider it full. This not only is an underutilization but also makes it difficult to retrieve items. Take advantage of the vertical space. Consider using flexstand and flexcart for sturdy and efficient storage in your unit.  Shelving also makes accessing your boxes or items as easy as ABC; you don’t have to remove items to get to the bottom of the pile. Flexstor Inc will be happy to provide the right flex storage solution.

Space within a space

Take advantage of space that is available in big items such a dresser or cupboards. Since they are already taking up a lot of space, be creative and put other smaller objects in the large items. An unplugged refrigerator can take in a lot of little things such as utensils, books, and even shoes. Just wrap up everything and put them inside. Drawers, buckets, laundry baskets can all be used to make the best of your storage unit.


Thanks to IKEA most furniture can be assembled and disassembled with ease. To make sure your furniture does not eat up a lot of space, take it apart. Be it a table, bed or a TV stand, separating the parts makes them smaller and easier to store. Bulky items are reduced to flat objects which are then stacked on the wall or put on shelves. But not everything can be broken down, be cautious not to damage your precious furniture.


The fact that you don’t live in the storage unit is not a license to throw everything around. Organizing the unit will save you a lot of space and allow you to keep more items in a small room. Use flex storage solutions, and you will be amazed at how much the unit can take.  Create an aisle for easy access and retrieval. Flexcart and flexstand from Flexstor Inc will transform your storage unit.






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