6 Security Features That Every Business Should Have In 2018

Every business owner should prioritize security because it will not only keep their investment safe but also keep stress at bay. Some of the best security features that a business should consider having to keep burglars away include video surveillance, security personnel, access control, lighting and keypad locks. A Toronto locksmith at Lock-up Services Inc can come to your aid if your business is facing security problems.


  1. Door security

Door locks are perhaps the most common security feature in our businesses. Do not just secure the front door; ensure all exits have secure locks in place. Get a professional locksmith for key cutting and to install and replace locks. We are moving away from traditional padlocks and keys to electronic options such as keyless entry locks and automatic door openers. Keypad locks are more secure as they cannot be picked; they require the user to key in a PIN to unlock. Enhance your door by installing a deadbolt lock. An experienced Toronto locksmith can easily install them for you.

  1. Security alarms and Door Chimes

Sometimes burglars successfully gain entry into your business premise. Install alarms that go off when they detect illegal intrusion. This not only notifies you, your neighbors or the security company but it also deters criminals. They are likely to run off when the alarm goes off.  Minimize false alarm incidences, as they make people reluctant to help in the event of a real security breach. Have the alarm system periodically checked and upgraded. Door chimes are also crucial during working hours. They notify you when a customer enters the premise. Chimes deter shoplifters disguised as shoppers.

  1. Access control

Physical access control serves to regulate who can enter a building. In a business establishment, all employees may have access to the shop floor and select few may have access to sensitive areas. It involves using biometrics such as fingerprints or access cards to manage entry. They also keep track of who entered the premise, making it possible to work backward in case of an incident.  Select a simple or complex system depending on the business size.

  1. Video surveillance

Security cameras are one of the most important security features. Most businesses have a door lock and CCTV cameras as a minimum. Some cameras will record everything while others record only when they sense motion. With advances in technology, it is now possible to store many hours of recordings and it can be accessed at any time. You can monitor what is going on in the business even from an offsite location. The presence of cameras in the premise will deter criminals and employee theft. Let a Toronto Locksmith install video surveillance in your business today which will enable you to watch what happens when you are not around and catch thieves with ease especially if you run a store which is prone to shoplifting incidences.

  1. Security Personnel

Employing security guards to patrol the premise is ideal especially for large businesses with high traffic.  Their presence alone can deter criminals, and they can respond immediately in case of a crisis. They also control who enters the building.

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  1. Lighting

Security lights placed strategically around the establishment deter criminals. Thieves prefer operating in the dark as they are incognito. Lighting also helps neighbors to keep an eye on what’s going in your business premise. Lights are essential where CCTV cameras are installed; they ensure clear videos and pictures are being recorded. This makes it easier to identify any criminal elements in case of an incident. Motion sensitive lighting lights up when someone approaches it, and it scares intruders. With the help of a reputable Toronto locksmith you can light up your business premises and discourage robbers from ruining the business you have worked so hard to establish.

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