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4 challenges of courier services

Courier services are no different from other businesses. They too have their own fair share of problems and challenges. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that the business is run by humans and there are specific challenges they face just to get your parcel delivered. So next time when your parcel is late try not to get angry or whine about it. Instead, try to understand that several underlying challenges might have come in the way of your parcel delivery. Here are four of those challenges.
Sorting out 
1. Sorting out 

As you can imagine, shipping companies have tons of parcels to sort out at the warehouse. Getting the right parcel matched to the right destination can be a daunting task. Although all parcels are supposed to be labeled, it is not unusual to have a parcel get damaged during transit. Such a parcel becomes lost since it can take forever to identify it.

2. Handling fragile parcels

Although most fragile orders should be labeled as fragile meaning they need extra care to handle; you can imagine how difficult and time consuming it can get to treat every parcel with extra care. Unfortunately, all of them should be sorted out manually and automatically; a process which ends up taking up all the time. Parcel damages in the hands of the shipping company can be expensive since the company will be liable for the loss.

3. Currency fluctuations and inflation 

As you already know is shipping companies deal with parcels from different parts of the globe. It means the payments they receive also come from all over. Currency changes affect the shipping rates and can lead to inconsistencies in the pricing of the service. If there are fluctuations in currency or inflation upsurge; the company can end up losing a lot of money in the process. Such fluctuations end up eating into the profit margins and increase operational costs which are not good for business.

4. Breakdowns 

Transport vehicles are machines and typical of machines; they can stall at any time. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. When that happens, the business reputation is on the line. Customers can start to complain about delayed delivery and take the complaints online. Such complaints eat negatively into the brand reputation which can take years to repair. Unfortunately, some people are difficult to handle; people who do not understand that challenges almost always happen and can interfere with the schedule.


Courier services and shipping companies face numerous challenges in their endeavor to keep the customer satisfied. Unfortunately, challenges are part of life and make business all the while worth doing. However, some challenges can be more costly than others, but the way such a business is able to handle the challenge and get back on track is what matters most. Fortunately, FlagShip has mastered this art.

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